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"The Holy Blessing of Sree Arulananda Swamikal Madathipathi, Arul Durga Ashramam to the humanity at large in the name of the Almighty"
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The Arul Durga Ashram Trust members have taken the decision to develop the Ashramam building for the rehabilitation of destitute, homeless, incurable, senior citizens, orphans, widows and the suffering lot in the tranquil and beautiful premises of Arul Durga Ashramam Compound. A Vocational Training Centre is also in the premises.

For the development, construction of shelters and cottages for the devotees requires a huge amount. For meeting the expenses of the above said venture a heavy financial burden is expected and the same is to be shared by every devotees, of Arul Durga Devi. At present we are serving Free Food every day for the visitors and members of the Ashram. For the development purposes we expect kind contribution towards the expenses.

In view of the above facts and circumstances the trust requests you to kindly send donations in the form of cheque/draft/cash. We issue receipts for the donations received and they are excempted throughout India from Income Tax.